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Providers of Wholesale Jewellery

At Lila & Angelys, we are a trade supplier working with retailers across the UK to provide high quality jewellery wholesale, at affordable prices. We innovate constantly, listening to the market and our customers to create wholesale jewellery – be it luxurious pendants, carded earrings, or wholesale fashion jewellery – that is in high consumer demand, and meets the mood of the changing seasons.

As a jewellery wholesalers, we view presentation as key and pride ourselves on our excellent packaging and effective point of sale displays which showcase our pieces to their best possible advantage. We also keep affordability at front and centre, ensuring that our wholesale jewellery designs give great value for money without compromising on quality.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range.

Please note: in order to place an order, you must login or register as a new user HERE (insert link). There is a minimum opening order value of £250; subsequent carriage paid orders are £150.
Innovation | Presentation | Affordable

Innovation: We love new ideas but we are always guided by what you, the customer tells us.

Presentation: Whether it’s a luxurious Lila pendant, or a low cost carded earring, presentation is key, so you will find our packaging excellent together with some very effective point of sale displays.

Affordable: You’ll be amazed how reasonable our prices are. Quite simply our designs give great value for money without compromising on quality. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and the experience of dealing with us as much as we enjoy developing and designing our exclusive ranges of jewellery and working with our customers.

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